Custom freeform furniture for public spaces and outdoors

Made to order in Slovenia. Lead time: from 4 weeks
our technology
FoamCoating is a special manufacturing process that involves applying a polyurethane coating to a foam base, resulting in a durable, seamless surface. Watch the video to learn more:

What are the advantages?


Soft and flexible

Polyurethane coatings are applied seamlessly onto a soft foam base, helping the product retain its original shape and structure over a long service life
Waterproof, UV- and wear-resistant
The polyurethane coating provides a protective layer that is impact, abrasion and weather resistant. It doesn't absorb water or fade in the sun
Any shape, size and colour NCS, RAL or Pantone
You can customise any product from our catalog or order custom design project with no minimum order requirements
Our FoamCoated furniture is designed to last for:
Any shape, size and colour NCS, RAL or Pantone
Great for both indoor and outdoor use
Made in Slovenia, EU, average lead time 4-6 weeks
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