Why recoating
Increasing the service life of any furniture
Seamless coatings are waterproof, UV- and wear-resistant
Give a fresh and modern look to otherwise tired items
Benefits of FoamCoating
Textile upholstery
Stain Susceptibility

Textile upholstery can easily absorb spills and stains, making it difficult to clean and maintain

FoamCoated futniture is waterproof and doesn't absorb spills and liquids

Wear and Tear

Fabric can wear out and fray over time, especially in high-traffic areas, leading to a shorter lifespan

FoamCoated furniture specially designed for intensive daily use

Allergen Accumulation
Upholstered furniture can trap dust, pet hair, and other allergens, potentially affecting indoor air quality and triggering allergies

FoamCoated furniture is seamless and collects dust only on an easy-to-wipe surface

Odor Retention
Fabrics can absorb and retain odours from food, pets, and other sources, which can be challenging to remove

FoamCoated furniture doesn't absorb and retain odours

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause textile upholstery to fade, diminishing its appearance
Our outdoor coatings are UV resistant so the furniture will not fade
Moisture Sensitivity
Fabric can absorb moisture, leading to mold and mildew growth if not properly dried
Our foam furniture is seamless and waterproof, so it can be left outdoors in all weather conditions as moisture does not affect the materials
Maintenance Effort
Regular vacuuming, professional cleaning, and care are required to keep upholstered furniture looking its best
FoamCoated furniture requires minimal maintenance and can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth and regular cleaner or pressure cleaned
Pest Attraction
Fabric can attract and harbor pests like dust mites and bed bugs, necessitating additional care and treatment
With FoamCoated furniture everything remains on the surface as there are no pores